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Best Portable Blender – Ultimate Buying Guide &Top Blenders Review

If you are reading this article about best portable blender for 2019, then thanks to Google, you are on right place because our top researchers compiled a list of 10 best portable blenders in USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, for you in this article and all are available on Amazon for sale.

Best Portable Blender
Best Portable Blenders

Simply portable blenders are to be defined in two ways i.e. A blender on which you can make smoothies at home and it comes with single serve cup and the second one is travel blender that you can take it with you while you are on travelling, with you to office and gym etc.

If you love to travel a lot and not ready to sacrifice on your health then the portable blenders are essential item and choice to pick and place it in your luggage for fresh, healthy shakes on go. It will save your time and from haul out the large blenders when you need fresh shakes or need one serving of drink. So, if you need something like portable and Accessible blender on travel and want some best portable blender under $100 then you are in the right place. Let’s have a look.!

Best portable blender

Product NameWeightUSB ChargingPrice
Ninja BL456 Blenders 7.3 PoundsYes Check Price
OSTER BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 1-2 PoundsYes Check Price
Vitagoods Fit Mix Pro449gYes Check Price
Soraken Portable Blender1.95 PoundsYes Check Price
Hamilton Beach 51101AV1.8 PoundsYes Check Price
NINJA personal Blender7 PoundsYes Check Price
Personal size Blender1.25 PoundsYes Check Price
BecKool Travel Personal Mixer1.4 PoundsYes Check Price
PopBabies Portable Blender1.7 PoundsYes Check Price
Portable Personal USB Blender1.75 PoundsYes Check Price

1. Ninja BL456 Blenders


The most portable blender of all blenders by the SharkNinja Manufacturer, very ergonomic design and lightweight, powerful features and for the power and compactness the Nutri Ninja Pro is the great combination. The Nutri Ninja Pro blender is top of our list due to its high performance in extraction of nutrients and vitamins. This Ninja mini blender can break down the seed, nuts, vegetables, and fruit with the boasts of 900 watts motor for a healthy smoothie. After blending just cover the jar, sip and seal lid and take your drink wherever you go. This portable blender has powerful blades that can crush the ice, skins, seeds and seems for a smooth consistency.

The cups and all parts of Ninja BL456 are made up with BPA free plastic materials and the sharper and safe blades are made by stainless steel to provide maximum cut to your fruits and vegetables at every rotation, can easily resistant to high pressure. So, don’t worry about spills while grinding and cracks. Also safe and avoid the possibility of figure cut while washing because it Offers self-cleaning. enough Capacity of 24oz with another 18oz for Ninja BL456 portable blender, available in black and silver colours, for outdoor usage, requires Lithium battery that can be purchased separately, the weight is 8.33lbs of this best portable blender and comes with Guide of 75 recipes.

  • The most superior design for a blender
  • Turns into a glass after blends
  • Enabled Manual crushing
  • Super powerful
  • Compacts design and lightweight
  • It is rather noisy while in use
  • Expensive

2. OSTER BLSTPB-WPK My Blend (250-watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle)


One of the cheaper blenders for a smoothie in the market, having the price Under the $20. However, do not bring any doubt in your mind according to the quality of blender due to the price tag. It has 250-watt blending motor and this Oster My blend is suitable to crush/blend any fruit, vegetables, etc. at ease in no time. The Oster blender can be power up to 400 watts for crushing ice and other frozen ingredients.

Comes with travel sports bottle serving size 18oz and this sports bottle actually can be fit into the blender base to blend the ingredients. So, you don’t have to transfer the juice or shakes/mixture to bottle from the jug. Size of this amazing blender is 15.25x5x5 inches and featured with 16-inch power cord, very lightweight with 1lbs. the colourful design and structure of mixture are brilliant. Available in six different colours.

This outstanding blender with a sports bottle fits into your fast and busy life. It works non-stop to make your favourite shake with one touch or single touch at work, gym or at home and doesn’t worry about whatever your smoothie will be too much because the motor is actually bullet-in resistible fuser if it was overheating that will revive the motor. A Perfect choice for kitchen and suitable to keep with you while on travel.

  • BPA free safe Bottle
  • The recipe book is included
  • Beautiful colors, light and easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Blades are not detachable
  • Taking the bottle from the base is a little bit hard

3. Vitagoods Fit Mix Pro Portable Mixer Cup


Another best portable blender in our list and AMAZON 8th best seller, This Vitagoods Fit Mix Pro Portable mixer is USB rechargeable blender that can be recharged through USB cable. Having a very ergonomic design and powerful features The Pro Portable blender is lightweight, having the weight of just 449g. The Fit mix Pro is a personal supplement and protein blender. All parts are Manufactured with BPA free plastic materials and this Fit Mix Pro portable blender is acrylic.

this best portable blender will make your life easier. With just one-touch button You will make your lump-free protein shake in the morning while you are in a rush with the powerful turbo-blades that can crush/blends the ingredients smoothly with the powerful 16000rmp motor in less than 30 seconds, enjoy it while drinking, and rinse it off right after. It doesn’t take too much effort to clean the blender. avoid the possibility of figure cut while washing because it Offer self-cleaning, no worry of leakage Just fill the cup with water, put a little dish soap, blend it, and rinse it again.

  • BPA free and acrylic
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Motor
  • No leakage
  • Didn’t find any Dislike

4. Soraken Portable Blender


Here is our list of best portable blenders 2019, one of the best portable blender in reasonable price, this versatile portable blender is single serves personal blender and perfect and best choice for making the smoothies and different type of shakes.

This blender has almost no voice, runs smoothly and quietly without any noise, not too much but having a large capacity. The parts of this amazing portable blender can be easily disassembled and you can clean or wash it easily. The best thing is the electric bass and the juicer part was separated. The blade is inside the cup and stays attached to the cup. So, don’t worry about the damaging because there is no chance for water to go inside into the machine.

Comes with well-fitted lid a 400ml BPA-free bottles. This portable blender having USB rechargeable 3.7V lithium-ion battery of 2000mAh and you can also charge it with any device having USB ports like laptop and PC etc. you have to charge it 2-3 hours for the first time and later on the one-hour charge is enough for daily usage. This portable travel blender comes with six blends and these blends are high-grade stainless-steel blends, which can pulverize the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients very easily and smoothly.

Additionally, this portable blender is simply smart protection device: has high-grade durable motor dishwasher safe accessories and the magnetic sensing switch, which make it the Quality appliance for the kitchen and also usable for outdoor use.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Very Convenient to use
  • Blend Smoothly every Ingredient
  • Small, Lightweight and easy to Use
  • Charge with any USB port Device Easily
  • Very Short Code

5. Hamilton Beach 51101AV Single Serve Personal Blender (Editors Choice)


This amazing portable blender is manufactured by Hamilton Beach for travel. This single-serve blender is Ideal designed for small living spaces. Great size for the smoothie, baby formulas, making shakes, salad dressing and ready to mingle veggies and fruits for your delicious breakfast.

Fully equipped to produce a variety of shakes and great testing smoothies in a short time. for reliable performance, provide all the power with the one touch and the durable stainless-steel blades crush, blend or slice any fresh or frozen ingredients with the help of a 175-watt motor and make a perfect mixture. And once you are done, pour it in the multi-functional free BPA 14. oz blending jar with spout and sip whatever you are running or hiking or at work. The Jar and lid can be easily cleaned after using it in the dishwasher. This portable blender is designed the cord to wrap around at the base bottom.

  • Great for price
  • Durable
  • Lasts forever due to the tiny little motor
  • Space-saving
  • Relatively small and lightweight
  • Many User Complain about Motor
  • Comes with one blending Jar

6. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes


Are you looking for your day to day gym companion??

Then we have in our list Ninja personal Blender for shakes with some extra lids and some essentials features to meet your gym needs. This cerebrally assembled design Personal blender is a perfect choice for travel because it made very lightweight for portability and accessibility.

16oz lids can easily blend your favourite smoothie through a powerful 700 water power base motor and take seconds to make your shakes. This Ninja Personal blender is a great choice for personal usage because Due to special blending technology, the sharp, powerful and stainless steel blades(three-blade cyclone technology) can crush your frozen ingredients easily in shock-resistant BPA free plastic lids to get best and best out of it. Having a reasonable price with one year warranty and 30-days money back guarantee from the AMAZON.

You can receive two 16-oz cups with 2 sip and seal lids and 50-Recipe Cookbook, these cups and blades are dishwasher safe. You can easily wash it by pouring some water and soap and then shake it for just seconds and rinse it. It is fast and easier, For your next power meal, just place your ingredients in 16oz cup and tuck it in power base then it will do the rest itself because there is no excuse to eat a healthy meal for next course.

  • Very lightweight
  • The Plastic Cups are thicker and more durable compared to others
  • Cups/Lids/Blades are dishwasher safe
  • No additionally accesories are included

7. Personal Size Blender and Baby Travel


This remarkable best portable blender is made by food-grade PP and ABS, BPA free, eco-friendly and Non-toxic materials. The cup/Jar has the capacity of 13.7oz(400ml) for your delicious and healthy shakes, having the weight of 1.25 pound (460g) which make it extra portable for travelling, camping, fishing or whatever you do. This portable juicer is USB chargeable device and manufactured with 2000mAh 3.7V lithium Batteries and you can recharge it by multiple methods like you can recharge it through power bank, laptop, Car charger, etc. while on the go. Charge it 3-4 hours for the first time, then 1-hour charge is enough and this portable blender will not work while on a charge.

Upgraded with 304 stainless steel 6 blades in 3D type, which has the ability of 22,000 revolutions per minute and effortlessly crushes the fruit, vegetables or other ingredients into amazing and healthy smoothies and also other baby foods. These blades don’t leave any chunks of ice and fruits without any noise. This baby travel mixture is smart and magnetic sensing switch device, you can easily clean it by separating the bottom from the base, pour some water in the cup and blend it for few seconds Which can make it a small kitchen appliance for you as well as very portable and accessible for outdoor activities.

  • Super Covenient and works Great
  • Very lightweight
  • Food-GradePP, ABS and BPA free Material
  • 6 Blades in 3D shape
  • dishwasher safe
  • Not strong enough for frozen fruits and Ice

8. Beckool Travel Personal USB Mixer


this beckool travel portable juicer is weightless (1.4pounds) and very fast to do any task with 6pcs blades any time. There are no accessories attached to this portable juicer, has no wires to rely on the power source for this one-piece portable blender.

Best choice for frequent travellers and wildlife lover because it is made in accordance with there needs. Build-in with 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can blend up to 20 times on a full charge. This amazing portable one-piece mini blender can be charged through USB cable from any device that has USB ports while on go. Having 6pcs stainless steel blades can crush and blend your smoothie, baby supplementary food and shakes through the strong motor system on just one touch. Pour some water and ingredients in 14oz capacity jar or cup and blending, for better and easier blend gently shake the blender while working. Low power consumption and small shape make it an ideal choice for making food blends for baby while on go. Easily cleanable, some smart features are added to improve the productivity level and reduce the wear and tear.

  • 4000mAh long lasting lithuim battery
  • Auto switching
  • BPA free Material
  • Super Covenient and works Great
  • Powerful Motor
  • Not feasible for bigger tasks

9. PopBabies Portable Blender, Mini Smoothie Maker with USB Rechargeable


PopBabies mini blender is one of the best small blenders for protein shakes because it is lightweight, handy, portable with unique Detachable Design and getting back reviews about Quality, Details, Intimate service and customer experience. Manufactured by PopBabies who have 30 years of experience in manufacturing.

This lightweight mini portable blender having the 1.3lbs weight and can blend the ICE, Frozen fruits, vegetables, and nuts, etc with 4 leaves 304 stainless steel blades with the help of a 175-watt powerful motor, running at 22000rmp in just 20 seconds. After that just take off the bottle and carry with you or drink it while on go, office, car or hiking. You can also make your coffee in office time easily with this blender and suitable for bullet-proof coffee but not over than 100°C.

This amazing mini smoothie maker is built-in with 4000mAh USB 5V lithium battery that Can be charged through USB cable from any USB port devices easily. 3-5 hours charge is for the very first time while 1-2 hours is enough for your daily routine. Available volume is 14oz while the bottle size is 17oz which is much more than other blenders brands who have 8-10 oz capacity.

This USB rechargeable portable blender is made by BPA free and baby food Grade material, while approved by FDA, CE & RoHS. Easy to clean, blades are sized-up in the cup so there is no worry about injuring the figure, and these features make it a suitable choice of portable blender for travellers.

  • Cutest freaking Portable Mixer
  • FDA and BPA free Material
  • The cleaning brush is Uber-helpful
  • Larger volume single USB Blender
  • Strong, faster, versatile and safer
  • You have to cut the ingredients in little tiny pieces

10. Portable Personal Blender USB Rechargeable juicer


this portable personal blender is much safer and more versatile blender in the market than others because it is made by baby food grade and BPA free materials and approved by FDA, CE & RoHS. Having the mesmerising magnetic induction switch design, buzzing sound for ICE salad, milkshakes and Salad dressing etc. this mini travel blender can work very well, you can get your fresh protein shakes easily in seconds, convenient for using in kitchen or outdoor, multi-functional design, and the cups are made by best plastic material no need to worry about broken.

you can blend mung beans and others beans to be powder without using water easily with the help of a powerful motor and 304 stainless steel blades in seconds, while most USB blenders can’t do this. The capacity of the bottle is 500ml and required 4000mAh 7.4V lithium battery that can be charged through USB cable easily from any device. Easy to clean, you don’t have to rub it or use something for removing the what’s left in the bottle, just rinsed it by running water without any effort. Comparing to others it is quite less washing, less tableware, less debris and saves time and space. You will receive A cleaning brush, manuals and cup with this portable blender.

  • Great Price
  • Powerful motor
  • Approved by CE&amp, RoHS
  • 1 Manual is included
  • the blade didn’t look too sharp


You saw some of the best portable blenders or best battery-operated blenders in this article that picked and reviewed by our experienced Researchers team. There are so many others alternate of best portable blenders available on Amazon, or other online markets, they all are good in every aspect and you can buy them if you don’t like our list.

All the details in this article according to the best portable blender to buy in 2019 is discussed point by point by our experienced team and we believed that all the information is delivered with loyalty and all reviews are unbiased in this article. we hope that our reviews about the best portable blender will help you to buy a portable juicer or portable mixture for you. Almost all blender in our list is in top seller portable blender from Amazon, USB-rechargeable, portable and accessible on the go. Read the reviews clear fully before you want to purchase new blender and follow the instruction.

Shortlist the best portable blender with best reviews about price, quality and design, almost all the vendors offer the same price and same features. Some of these portable juicers have carry bags, you can buy it separately – we will recommend that you invest in one of these.


which one you have to buy? or what is your top choice? that definitely depends on you. you should pick up that one that goes well and satisfies your needs. All are the best options in our list but for your ease, we suggest you buy Hamilton Beach 51101AV Single Serve Personal Blender.

If you feel our hard work and want these types of quality work from our side then you have to share this post with your friends and relatives around the globe. Let me know your opinions and views about this article in comments. Happy Blogging and Take Care.

Some Others Best Portable Blenders for travel

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set0.96 ounce Check Price
Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep7 pounds Check Price
Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base7 pounds Check Price
Professional Countertop Blender, Household Blender Food Processor8.64 pounds Check Price
CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker, 1000W High Speed Coffee Grinder8.6 pounds Check Price

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