Best Yoga mat for beginners

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Best Yoga mat for beginners 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Let me tell you first a fact “that the normal workout won’t provide you continuing result?” and for that long-lasting result, you have to do regular yoga. No doubt, under no circumstances yoga is required for a healthy life, it feels more important when you want to find some more glorified and the distractions rules everything is around you, but for amazing and a good body posture and long-lasting result you have to follow the rules and steps regularly. For that purpose, we are going to discuss the best yoga mat for beginners in this amazing article.

Best Yoga mat for beginners
Best Yoga mat for beginners 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Why choose the best yoga mat for beginners?

You can perform your yoga easily and in a better way by using a good quality and sturdy yoga mat and Off course a good quality yoga mat for beginner will help you to make your body posture balanced and steady.

A yoga performer, especially the newbies need to deal with the top-rated yoga mat. for that purpose, our researcher’s team specially gathered the list of top 10 yoga mats for beginners, who want to replace their old ones or those who are going to start their yoga session.

Usually we have seen a lot of beginners start their yoga session with ordinary yoga mats and due to that they suffered terrible back pain, sweaty hands that cause an uncomfortable and improper yoga, and in the end, such type of yoga mats are not able to provide them with a better grip for the session.

So, to chose the best yoga mat for beginners, you have to search for some essential features and, in that list, the “non-slip” feature is on top and must be the main feature. Because during yoga sessions we have to face lots of sweats, by which the hands and feet get wet and lost our balance and control.

Though, it is necessary to choose the best yoga mat for beginners that give you the non-slip ability and allow you sweat-free hands and feet. Therefore, in this article, you will get the best yoga mat for beginners. Readout loud below and find the best yoga mat for yourself.

Recommended best Yoga Mat for beginners by my researches are broken down by categories

All of the mats in our list are rated high for Performance, quality, and ECO. superior features adorn to their profiles thus providing a promise of great comfort, durability, and quality. We are sure that you will be happy with any mat listed below. So, go with those features that are important to you.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat (Best yoga mat for beginners)

Product Specification And Features
Style: Athletic
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Zero-waste yoga mat
It is eco-friendly and durable
Latex free
Has a very superior longevity


The teachers and student of world-wide have enjoyed the benefits of Manduka’s Mats for years. This best luxury yoga mat is not the thickest on the board but due to its incredible density, the Manduka PRO yoga mat is a great choice for comfort and durability.

This amazing yoga mat is closed-cell surface mat and due to this feature, the PRO yoga mat didn’t absorb sweat, dirt, and bacteria and doesn’t leave the rubbery smell on your hands. The Manduka PRO yoga mat is created with non-toxic PVC. Each and every Mat is manufactured through ‘non-toxic emissions” process which makes it latex-free for those of you who might be allergic and certified safe for human contact by OEKO-TEX.

The Manduka PRO yoga mat is assembled in 2 sizes with 9 colour option and both sizes are moderately 6mm thicker with ultra-dense cushioning for joint protection. The standard size of Manduka PRO is 71”x24” with 7.5 pounds weight while the extra-long mat is measured in at 85”x26” with 9.5 pounds weight. The weight of these two Mats proves that mats are dense.

The Manduka gives a lifetime guarantee to its yogis that the Manduka PRO yoga mat well never peels, flake or fade.

  • Emission-free Manufacturing
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • One of the widest Mat
  • Dense support while still being firm and grounding
  • Non-Toxic, Latex-Free and OEKO-TEX certified
  • heavy and stable
  • Weight is not ideal to carry around

Liform Yoga Mat (Best Yoga Mat With Alignment) (The World’s Best yoga mat)

Product Specifications
Surface feel: Smooth
Thickness: 3/16” (4.2mm)
Weight: 5.5lbs
Length: 72.8″Material: Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane
Made in: China
Packing: No plastic, Liforme
yoga bag included
Colours: 4 colours: blue, pink, grey, and green


liforme yoga mat was most expensive yoga mat in our list. So, the expectation was also very sky-high. according to the people opinions, this world best Eco-friendly yoga mat performs very well. With years of research and favourite by yogis all over the world, this eco-friendly yoga mat is described original ground-breaking Yoga Mat and a truly revolutionary yoga mat. 

This Liforme yoga mat is slightly thinner and lighter than others competitors (best yoga mat for bad knees) but still manages to be durable and supportive for bad knees and other bony joints due to strong natural rubber base cushioned felt portion in the top layer of mat, provide you very solid and stable practising surface.

The best thing about this best Eco-friendly yoga mat overall is “the original Unique Alignment Marker system included to help for proper pose positioning. “AlignForMe” work as a navigational tool for yoga Asana practice. It feels good underbody, stay focused with revolutionary grip.

Patanjali nailed it when he said: “Sthira Sukham Asanam” (Asana is a steady comfortable posture). The “GripForME” material That gives you an unparalleled warrior like grip in wet or dry condition. The PVC free, biodegradable & high-quality non-toxic material that keep the yoga mat clean and hygienic which make this Eco-friendly yoga Mat truly planet-friendly.

The size of Liforme is 73” long, 27” wide and 5” longer than other yoga mats, make it more comfortable for a yoga session. This longer, thicker and wider yoga mat gives the extra space that yogis crave. With comfortable balance don’t worry about your hands and feats resting the floor.

  • Great grip both on bottom
  • The lines help you focus on your form, especially in yoga where body positioning is important.
  • Very sticky
  • The material feels very durable
  • Comes with a carrying bag should I need to move it
  • The markers are last longer because they are etched rather than inked
  • Heavy side compared to the others
  • Significant investment for a travel mat

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat (Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga)

Dimensions: 68″x 24″
Thickness: 1.5mm
Activity: Eco-Friendly Yoga
Travel Yoga
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Size: 180cm x 61cm (68″L x 24″W),
Color: 7 different bright and brilliant colours
PVC free Material


Manduka was founded in 1997 by Peter Sterios. the Manduka has built a worldwide reputation as the most respectable brand for more than 20 years in the market of competition. Manduka always creates high-performance yoga mats, towels, props, bags and Men and women’s apparel.

This Manduka eKO Superlite yoga travel Mat is sustainably sourced made of (not harvested from the Amazon) biodegradable tree rubber. It’s superior travel yoga mat that designed as the resists of bacterial growth that help to maintain the high level of hygiene. The orange peel-like sticky surface offers you a great grip with light perspiration during a yoga session.

In our research, the Manduka eKO superlight travel yoga mat popped-up repeatedly as the best choice of a travel yoga mat. With the weight of 2.2 pounds and thickness of 1.5mm it is extremely lightweight (if you don’t need an extra cushion for your joints), portable, flexible and a best travel yoga mat with high customer reviews and mentions in many publications.

All of Manduka’s yoga mats are made without Toxic plasticizers, PVC or harmful dyes materials. All products are 99% latex-free which makes it most sustainable travel yoga mats comparing to other competitors in the market. For reinforcement, the Manduka use a blend of polyester and natural cotton rather than synthetic polyester.

  • It’s 99% latex-free, safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities
  • It’s easy to fold and doesn’t hold creasing from being in a bag
  • The closed-cell design will not absorb bacteria
  • lightweight, tear-resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • natural rubber, sticky surface.
  • Smell like rubber (Not horrible and goes away with time)
  • Expensive

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose (#1 Seller yoga mat) (Best Seller yoga Mat of Amazon)

-1/2-inch extra thick
-Lightweight and portable
-Excellent non-slip traction and cushion
-A free carrying strap is included
-2-year warranty


looking for the all-purpose Yoga mat that can work for simple moves, at-home routine workout and much more than the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High-Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap is the best choice. According to our team research, this best premium yoga mat is rated positively by nearly 7000 people due to its reasonable price and for its great comfortability.

The reasonable price gives you an extra advantage if you are new to yoga and just starting your exercise and fitness journey and aren’t sure what you really like then this is a good starting point.

BalanceFrom GoYoga mat has comfortably cushioned the spine, knees, hips, and elbow on the hard floor due to its ½” thick high-density foam material. With a double-sided non-slip surface, this premium yoga mat comes with the slip-resistant feature that prevents the yogis from injuries during sessions. Maintain your balance in yoga or any type of exercise with the help of exceptional resilience feature.

The high-quality material and moisture resistant technology make the premium exercise yoga mat easily washable with soap and water. Available in 7 different colours. For easy transportation and storage, it has a convenient carrying and adjustable straps. This Genuine BalanceFrom GoYoga mat comes with a 2-year warranty and 100% satisfaction Guarantee.

  • 1/2-inch extra thick
  • Excellent non-slip traction and cushion
  • A free carrying strap is included
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Double-sided non-slip surface
  • Markup easily

Toplus Yoga Mat (Best Comfortable Yoga Mat)

Color: Purple /Pink/ Blue
Weight: 1000g
Size: 72” long by 24” wide
Material: TPE
Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H24 x 5 x 5 inches
Manufacturer: TOPLUS
premium resilience textures


large, thick and healthy Toplus yoga mat is specially made for beginners as well as for professionals to meet their requirements. This is the upgraded version of the basic yoga mat. The upgraded version is more anti-slip property due to double-sided super anti-slip texture, which makes a great choice for those yogis who care about slip-resistance and the surface gives you an optimal grip without sacrificing the comfort which makes it an appropriate option for yogis.

Created with naturally harmless and new echo friendly materials so, when you compare the TPE Toplus yoga mat with traditional non-green PVC, NBR and EVA yoga mats then this yoga mat offers the latest technological improvement over the other yoga mats and has more excellent resilience and satisfying the yogi’s requirements in different styles.

Most mats are either too thick or too thin but for your joints and knees, the toplus yoga mat is offering 6mm optimum thickness and Toplus guaranteed to provide the optimum level of protection and cushioning and allowing you to the grip the floor for balance.

The Toplus Yoga mat is light enough with 35oz weight and 72”x24” dimension make it very convenient. yoga mat came with a carry cord to carry with you anywhere you want to go. Due to waterproof feature just wipe the wet cloth with water without any worry because Toplus giving you a one-year hassle-free warranty.

  • Exclusive thick foam pad
  • Vibrant colours
  • Integrated self-strapping
  • Comfortable and portable
  • Large and spacious
  • Waterproof
  • A little bit squeaky and Skiddy
  • Markup easily

IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat (Best Non-slip Yoga mat)

Why choose IUGA pro yoga mat?
Water Absorbing Surface for Extra Grip
Excellent Traction with Textured Bottom
No Chemical Smell or Harsh Odor
Extra Large Size (72″ X 26″)
Optimal Cushion & Stability (Thick 5mm)
Lightweight and Travel-Friendly (2.5 lbs)
Carrying Strap Included


Next up in our list for review is a “Yoga mat for Sweaty people” or “Best Non-slip yoga mat” which is giving a great competition in the market to others according to its features.

The IUGA Pro Non-slip yoga mat is specially designed for those yogis who enjoys multiple practices during their sessions. This amazing non-slippery yoga mat is an optimal combination of cushioning, stability, odourless, eco-friendly, comfortability and reversible design for any kind of class.

The ¼ thickness, a dimension of 72×24 with the combination of 2.3 pounds weight this pro-non-slip mat comes with TPE materials, which is the half weight of other traditional rubber yoga mats, which make it portable yoga mat to carry with you anywhere any time.

To maximize the protection of yogis at any pose it featured with dual layers and grips. The dual texture offers you “tire-track marking or bones shapes” for mat stability and the “grips” for saving feet or hand from slipping.

The polyurethane top layer absorbs the sweat very quickly and provides you non-slipping surface, anti-bacteria functions, and Air permeability. Made by biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber which make it 100% Eco-friendly, completely free from PVC, toxic and latex-free, No rubber smell and the skin-friendly material can also odours the mat at bay.

This IUGA Pro Non-slip yoga mat is also a perfect choice for all forms of yoga, especially Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and various types of Hot Yoga.

  • Extra-large size (72” X26”)
  • Optimal Cushioning and Stability (Thickness 5mm)
  • No Chemical Smell or any Harmful Odors
  • TPE & artificial leather
  • comparable to the premium brands that doubly or more expensive but have less to offer
  • Scratches little bit while cleaning

The Other best yoga mats in 2019 that we didn’t mention or discussed in our article and are yogi favourites include the Heathyoga Eco-Friendly, the Sivan Health and Fitness, the Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat and the Kharma Khare.

How We Chose the Best Yoga Mat

If you are regular yogi, then you know the fact that all yoga mats are equally created. Each style and material furnish to a differ type of needs & different delicate design can either hurt or help you at time of movement and your common twinges in any pose.

There are too many factors and points to be considered for looking for the best yoga mat to serve you. The main factors are size and portability for almost every yogi because you have to carry your yoga mat along with you to yoga studio or gym etc. most of the yogis will happy with the representative length while some of the yogis like to have longer mat, so take a peek at a lengthier mats if you like long mat. 

For the purpose of saving their feet from sliding around, some people like sticky mats while certain people find them annoying. Most yoga mats are moderately slim so a lot of people goes with the thinness or thickness of the mat. But other yoga mats are thick for cushioning and some extra protection for your joints and other sensitive body parts.

The other main and key factors “durability and the type of materials” are involved to be considered while purchasing the yoga mat. Because you want to go with that yoga mat that’s going to last through the years, not made from harmful and strange material that affect your skin, and easily clean and wipe after a sweaty round of hot yoga.

We hunted the internet for the purpose of top yogi reports and product feedback on top-ranked yoga mats in the current year to put together this in my researches guide and reviews to find best yoga mat for you, considering your priorities, from eco-friendly to perfect pose alignment.


So that’s the end of our today’s review about the best yoga mats for beginners 2019. One thing always keeps in mind that always start your very first yoga session with suitable yoga mat and atmosphere. Find out the best yoga mat for the beginner that offer you solid gripping and non-slip surface to perform hot yoga. Because these type of yoga mats wouldn’t let you slip while you get sweat during a yoga session.

There are a lot of yoga mat available in market according to features, sizes, and colors, etc. after testing too much best yoga mats for yogis in our team opinion you have to buy something that has good quality and specially built for yogis, because good quality mats facilitate you with versatility, comfortability for yoga session which make the session more powerful and more effective.

Our Choices

Here are our favourite best yoga mats for beginners 2019.

  1. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
  2. Liform Yoga Mat with Alignment

Both yoga mats are the best choices for beginners. These are overall favourite yoga mats according to customer feedback. Because both mats are made by PVC materials, give you portability, comfortability, great grip, comes in different styles and featured a lot of features. Overall we think these two mats (Manduka Pro yoga mat and Liform yoga mat) are the best choices of best beginner’s yoga mats. Now you are ready to buy the best yoga mats for beginners. So, get started and bliss out. 🙂 

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