Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan – Male & Female

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Most Famous Bloggers of Pakistan (Male & female)


Hello dear readers,

Today I thought it will be a good idea to create a list of Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan – Male & Female. There are so many Pakistani bloggers sites but to find the most popular one is still difficult. With the nonstop growth of internet facilities and technology, blogging is one of the best prospects to earn money for the person passionate about blogging. There is no fixed timing like jobs and better opportunities than jobs and other fields. And of course, the earning ability depends upon the creative, rewarding and attractive outline you apply in Blogging.

In Pakistan the trend of blogging is very high, It fascinates youngsters and especially students who can show their talent to the world and can make money online with their skills and also blogging becoming their profession and source of earning.

In this post, I am going to share Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan. but if you feel I have missed any blogger or have mentioned someone wrongly ranked or listed as a blogger, I will be an honor if you add your opinion via the comments section.

Without any delay let’s start it.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (Popular Pakistani Blogger)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleMustafa Ahmedzai basically belongs to a Pathan family and spends his early life in Quetta, Baluchistan. for better income opportunities and education, he moved to Karachi with his family. He completed his graduation From NED university.

Without any doubt, Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is genius in blogging. He is on #1 in our list of top bloggers of Pakistan. He is the only and first blogger from Pakistan who registered his blogging company name (STC Network). Muhammad Mustafa started his blogging career in 2008 as a part-time job using the platform of e-blogger and later he stepped into blogging as a full-time entrepreneur.

Mustafa is one the most famous blogger and motivational speaker here in Pakistan. In promoting blogging in all our country, he has played a great role. He started his professional career with his blog Mybloggertricks (where he shares tips and tricks about Google Blogger) and gain great audience due to his quality tutorials and guidance he shared on his blog.

Mustafa has run 3 successful blogs MyBloggerTricks, SmartEarningMethods, and RichIncomeWays. A number of blogger widgets, templates, and cool things are developed by Mustafa for the blog-sphere community.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Google Page Rank: 5
  • World Wide Rank (Alexa): 31,400
  • Alexa PK Rank: 400
  • Backlinks: 4831
  • Monthly Earning: $5000 to $10000

Hassam Ahmed Awan

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & Female

A beautiful person by nature and always with smiley face, great and Humble guy, 24 years old Hassam Ahmed Awan who never ever neglect anyone to help, live in Islamabad the beautiful city of Pakistan Complete his graduation in Computer science and blogging from the last couple of years.

He is the founder of an awesome and successful blog name Blogginghow for WordPress and blogger tutorials. Recently he writes an awesome eBook for newbies who don’t know about backlinks. He is earning money with his blog by BuySellAds and Using Google AdSense.

He loves to do gym, that’s why he Just started a Facebook page and doing blog about fitness called “All Day Body Building” having 3000 fans and more than 10,000 email subscribers but basically his focus more on sharing stuff about blogging and blogger.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Google Page Rank: 4
  • World Wide Rank by Alexa: 37,415
  • Alexa PK Rank: 919
  • Backlinks: 338
  • Monthly Earning: $2000 to $4000

Abdul Wali (Top Pakistani Blogger)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & Female

Huge respect for Abdul Wali Sir, and he actually deserves it due to his immense efforts for Pakistan and its people. Imagine a person who hasn’t gone to school in his life, yet shortlisted for the top Pakistani blogger?

Basically, he is from Bajaur agency a tribal area of FATA (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) but now living permanently in Karachi.

He used to share stuff about SEO, online money making, Blogging and Basic Coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and PHP). He is running blog name as onlineustad and many others since 2010 and published thousands of video tutorials and articles on his blogs and focus more on sharing stuff in Urdu and his main objective is to target 98% audience in Pakistan who cannot even understand basic English.

If you are the one who can’t understand English and want to learn things about Blogging. WordPress and SEO then onlineustad is the right platform for you to learn.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Google Page Rank: 2
  • Alexa World Wide Rank:37,00
  • PK Rank (Alexa): 400
  • Backlinks: 299
  • Monthly Earning: $2000 to $4000

Muhammad Ismail (Finest Blogger from Peshawar)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & Female

Professional Famous Blogger, Motivational speaker, and founder of Diaryinc that is technology and make money blog. He is from Swabi KPK and completes his study from IMsciences Peshawar. His Blog Diaryinc covers the latest news, reviews, rooting for Android and another smartphone all those which comes under technology. He is best in Amazon affiliate and through his course, he is helping many others to become successful.

For the very first time in KPK, he sets up the base of online business in 2012. as a Training coordinator, he has played the leading role in KP Youth employment program Powered by World Bank & KPIT Board. He made the move to interact the online marketing kings & Pakistan’s successful entrepreneurs with the newbies through live sessions.

For the several time, he was listed nationally and internationally among the expert’s bloggers. He was invited for meetups with world-leading entrepreneur’s, founders and startups by the Government of United state of America. He was featured in Pakistani magazines and interviewed by nationally and internationally televisions.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • World Wide Rank: 162, 463
  • Alexa PK Rank: 12094
  • Google Page Rank: 2
  • Backlinks: 379
  • Monthly Earning: $3000 to $4000

Muhammad Tanveer Nandla (Dr. Web of Pakistan)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleDr of Web and effective personality in the blogging field, from Famous city of Pakistan “Multan” Muhammad Tanveer Nandla, is very famous among Top Pakistani Bloggers community on the internet. Tanveer Nandla is mentioned by many top Pakistani sites like (ILM ki Dunya) and (ProPakistani). He is the founder of the most popular and fast-growing website Darsaal and this website ranked up very fast due to his immense efforts.

He is currently working on his various projects from where he earns a lot of money, you can also check his famous website tnandla. In order to rank your blog, the trips and tricks which is shared on his blogs are very amazing and useful.



Aamir Iqbal (SEO Guru, Green HAT WORLD)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleFrom the City of Pakistan “Multan” Muhammad Aamir Iqbal is very famous in blogger community of Pakistan.

He started his online career in 2006-2007 in the age of 22-23 years. what will be their future? they never knew that but the only one thing that they know, that was “They want to make loads of money”.

he created Group called “Pakistani SEO & Bloggers” where he mostly shares Webinars from the knowledge and experience, he was having. He also has two outstanding and successful websites “SEO TOOL STATION” and “Green HAT WORLD

Ali Raza (Best Digital Marketing Blogger)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleAli Raza lives in Lahore and he is the most professional and famous bloggers of Pakistan. He completed his BBA from “Lahore School of Economics”. In his blogs, he usually writes on Google AdWords, Facebook ads, SEO and online marketing. Officially certified from Google and Microsoft and have a partnership with Google. Mr. Ali Raza likes to call himself an internet entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers, who works with various companies across the globe for their digital marketing campaigns.

On his blog, he mostly talks about digital marketing, brand building, does some tutorials, business, and product reviews. He is also known as “Digital Marketing Consultant”. He has his own agency named as “Aarswebs”. If you want to succeed and rank your blog in top positions then you should follow his professional articles.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • World Wide Rank: 156,000
  • Alexa PK Rank: 25,00
  • Google Page Rank: N/A
  • Backlinks by Alexa: 155
  • Monthly Earning: $1000 to $2000.

Muhsin Ali Waheed (Most Talented Blogger of Pakistan)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & Female

Young, talented and energetic Pro-blogger of Pakistan he belongs from the heart of Pakistan ‘Islamabad”. He is running a most popular website in Pakistan named as Askmohsin and internet-khazana for last several years. Which are popular for the tutorials, tips and tricks and money making ideas that he provides for new bloggers. He is providing most valuable information about IT and Tips for newbies.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 166k
  • PK Rank: 18,000
  • Google Page Rank: 1
  • Backlinks: 66
  • Monthly Earning: $1000

Aamir Atta (Best Pakistani Blog)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleAmir atta is young and hardworking Pakistani blogger from Islamabad. he began his journey in the blogging industry in 2008.

Who doesn’t know about Propakistani? It’s basically a Google News website. A well-known person and blogger for Pakistan because his famous blog name as ProPakistani is totally and pure Pakistani telecommunication blog.  People love to search this blog for broadband and telecom news.

ProPakistani almost covers all the latest news from Pakistan such as tech & auto, telecom, business, education, sports, aviation, etc. He provides stuff about news, news, tutorials, and resources on IT happenings in Pakistan. He is earning money by Google AdSense and displaying direct ads with his blog. His blog is the most popular technology blog I Pakistan and so many times nominated for different awards.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 9,159
  • PK Rank: 86
  • Google Page Rank: 4
  • Backlinks: 700
  • Monthly Earning: $4000 to $8000

Ammar Ali (Young Pakistani Blogger)

Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan - Male & FemaleHandsome, Smart, and 21-year young Pro Pakistani blogger who start thinking to create a blog from his high school days. He starts blogging career in 2011 and creates his very first blog on blogger platform. After learning a lot, he creates his professional blog name as “All Blogging tips” where he shares stuff about blogging and educate the people by his blogging skills.








Famous Female Bloggers of Pakistan

Marjan Arbab (Famous Female Blogger of Quetta)

The talented and famous blogger (flavors in life) from Quetta among females Marjan Arbab now lives in Karachi. From the last couple of years, Marjan arbab is working as a freelancer as well. She amazingly good at writing a quality article, simply we can say he is outstanding content writer.she shares her stips according to online business and particularly freelancing. Through her articles and seminars, she is empowering the women across the country.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 1,638,029
  • Alexa PK Rank: 20,000
  • Google Page Rank: 1
  • Alexa Backlinks: 14
  • Monthly Earning: $1000 to $2000

Fatima Wahab (Best Female Blogger from Pakistan)

You might have seen very fewer females in this list, but when they come, they make sure that you feel their presence. Fatima Wahab is from Islamabad and she has a great blog name as Addictivetips where she mostly talks about tips and tricks related to Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. His blog contains almost all tutorials about IT geeks and tech and every day she tries to bring new stuff for there fans and readers.

Salma Jafri (Best Female blogger from Karachi)

Great Speaker, Award winner Freelancer, Most Popular Entrepreneur, experienced copywriter and representing Pakistan around the world with great marketing skills and great content and blogging tips and tricks. She is an MBA from IBA Karachi and support projects about women’s entrepreneurship in her role as the team lead for Google Business Groups women.

Other popular bloggers of Pakistan

there are so many others awesome and outstanding bloggers who are representing a good face of Pakistan that are not mentioned in the list, but we are mentioning below some names for your knowledge.

Syed Faizan Ali , Waleed Najam, Shahzaib shafi, Husnain Murtaza, Abdul Sammad Essani, Hashim Nisar, Fahim Kundi, Shahzad Bashir, Ali Qayyum, Luqman Khan, Sharjeel Tahir and so on.

What do you think?

For all young and hardworking bloggers from Pakistan, we have respect. Those bloggers who didn’t take place in this list, we are wishing them a happy blogging journey ahead, and possibly many young bloggers will take place in our upcoming list of “Top Young Pakistani Bloggers”.  We will be very glad if you share your views about these great Pakistani stars who represent a Beautiful, Peaceful and, talented face of our beloved country Pakistan. No doubt, they are the greatest and awesome people in the country.

Our team worked very hard to make this informational Article because it’s time-consuming and very hard and difficult to choose the Expert as there are so many bloggers in Pakistan who are doing their jobs really great. I am loving this post because these people who are mentioned in the post making Pakistan Proud and showing the talented and professional face of Pakistan to the world.

If you feel our hard work and want these types of quality work from our side then you have to share this post with your friends and relatives around the globe.

Let me know your opinions and views about this article in comments and

Happy Blogging and Take Care!


  1. Al says:

    Thanks for featuring me in your list of top bloggers in Pakistan. 🙂

    • Zeeshan Ali says:

      always welcome sir. you are always an inspiration for newbies like me. May ALLAH Protect you. can you please check my site and suggest me some tips and guidelines?

  2. Mr. Ali says:

    I think this list is Missing Mr. Fahim Kundi, the Popular Blogger of Pakistan, that is actively sharing his knowledge of blogging with new bloggers in pakistani blogger industry.

    You can see it here:

  3. Pakistani Bloggers are Cheers, there are many other silent bloggers as wel.

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