What is Vlogging?

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What is Vlog or Vlogging? What is Youtube Vlogging?

You might have heard this “vlogging” term?

People around us are commonly using this word in daily life but what it really is? What is Vlogging? What is this vlogging on YouTube? Are these questions in your mind too? A lot of people still do not know. From the last few years, vlogging has become tremendously popular, but a lot of people still don’t know what is Vlogging? so, before going further, first of all, you need to understand the concept of vlogging.

What is Vlog or Vlogging?

“The process of sharing your life, event, story or your trip to some tourist spot with people in the form of video through the internet is said to be a vlog or vlogging.”

According to Wikipedia,

A video blog or video blog, usually short form of a vlog, is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine of embedded video with some supported text and images with other metadata. Simply we can say that it is the video version of blog posts.

When a person says they’re vlogging, it means that they’re filming a short video for their blog of their daily life. The popularity of vlogging from last few years has grown exponentially and flourished with the speed of a superman, and currently, the growth trend shows no sign of slowing.

What is YouTube Vlogging?

Making your videos or shooting short films using your vlog cameras and uploading them to YouTube is mentioned as YouTube vlogging. YouTube a major social networking site where you can easily gain popularity, share what you think, your opinions and viewpoints via vlogging, and off-course you can make money too.

A major difference between television and vlogging is determined. Unlike old-style media channels, vloggers don’t always create videos for money.

Video blogging is defining by word Vlogging, and the term owes a large part of its popularity to YouTube, which is an online publishing platform for video creators.

The term vlogging become popular in 2010, especially along with the growth of video sharing site YouTube. due to the enormous popularity of YouTube as the world’s largest video search engine, you will find almost the majority of vloggers on YouTube.

Why vlogging Become so Popular

One of the major reasons why vlogging has become amazingly popular is because the cost of the required apparatus has dropped expressively. The equipment was too expensive in the past, and most people couldn’t afford it.

How do Vloggers Make Money?

Most of the people think that you must be a well-known star or celebrity to make money from Vlogging, but the truth is that anyone from you can do that. When you are just getting started, there might not be enough chances to make a huge amount from vlogging but over time, you can build up an audience and start to make expressively more money.

There are a lot of ways for a vlogger to make money from vlogging. Among which some are the less uncommon way to earn money and one of the easiest ways from them is having advertisements on your video blog or vlog.

Google AdSense is a well-known program for advertisements. If you are vlogger and your platform is YouTube then the Google AdSense is the easiest way to get start earnings. A small content in form of a video which can be used to attract the advertisers. The Vlogger get paid with % amount from advertising revenue from the advertiser when he used the video of vlogger to display their products. Google AdSense make it easy for you to get quickly monetize your vlogs to give you an opportunity to make money from it.

Another way is selling branded merchandise. When you have a lot of numbers of an audience then you can sell branded merchandise. As your brands grow, your audience will grow with it and now you can easily sell branded merchandise.

What are the Platforms for vlogging?

There are several platforms for vloggers to share their stuff, but some platforms offer more experience than others for examples YouTube, dailymotion, tune.pk etc. from them one of a well-known platform is YouTube and many will claim that YouTube is responsible for the meteoric rise in popularity of Vloggers.

Three Things You Need to Learn Before Starting Your Vlogging Career

Once you have decided to start your vlogging career, although my what is vlogging guide, has all that you need to learn before starting your vlogging career, however, I have mentioned some key points here which are must to follow if you are yet starting out in vlogging.

ConsistencyFind Out Your Interest and AudienceMake Short Term Goals for Big Success in Vlogging
If you want to keep moving, you need to learn from your mistakes and to be consistent because there is no such thing as overnight success.

In the start of your vlogging career, maybe no one notices you but ultimately when people will start noticing you, then your consistency will pay you than by getting massive popularity through all your work. Just keep on doing, and u need to keep moving, no matter what negative people comment on you.

You need to keep figuring out your interest, your audience, and what people are looking from you. Keep on examining your audience and understand what they are looking from you if you want to work inordinately in the vlogging field. I have seen a lot of vloggers who have changed their interest and videos styles and nature after learning and examining what their audience and followers were expecting and demanding from them.
When people set up big goals and eventually see them getting failed, they start losing their hope. There are countless stories for demotivated people, but you have to make short-term goals to be motivated, such as you can make few goals like:

  • Getting 500 views on YouTube.
  • Getting 200 YouTube subscribers
  • Making 100 Likes or shares for your video

Goals like above are short and easy to achieve, which helps you in long run.

Why Vlogging?

If you are planning to make the brand or more popular your business or product, or If you’re looking to strengthen your social media presence, want to get more attention from people, then there is nothing quite like a video that increases public attention.

Conclusion on What is Vlogging & How to Start Vlogging

Documentation your life and telling the stories to other peoples in the video format, then the Vlogging is a great way. One of the most common reasons for vloggers is that they want to record their lives so that they could watch it in the future. Vlogging is becoming more and more important for content, digital marketers and for companies keen to invest online.

Always remember that the most important thing in vlogging is your originality. It is not something you want to fake it or fancy because you are on the camera.

People frequently like vlogs because they are rough, raw, and casual. Of course, things like editing skills and photographic classifications in a shooting are the beauty of filming a video, but it doesn’t mean that vlogging is something you need to change yourself for.

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